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A Wild Vision Executed to Perfection

Take the time to gaze beyond the sylphlike lines of Giotto’s body, and you’ll see what defines a dream bespoke motorcycle.

Designed and built by the clever minds at Box39, only the main frame and 1247cc motor have been borrowed from the bullish Harley-Davidson Night Rod, in order to forge an entirely new beast with a personality of its own.

From the intricate, mesmerizing patterns milled from the alloy wheels, to the sleek single-sided swingarm holding a beefy 300-section rear tire, every custom-machined part of the motorcycle plays an equal role in the formidable presence of Giotto.

An Original Concept
Giotto represents what a custom cruiser motorcycle looks and feels like when it’s designed and built by a team of masters in their craft. An impressive culmination of innovative ideas and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, the result is an exceptional motorcycle with an allure further intensified by its rarity - a total of only 117 motorcycles will be produced and be sold worldwide.

Crafted to be dignified and unapologetic from the start, each Giotto bears a distinguishable character, an identity in which the owner commissioning the build can finely-tune to their liking, hence allowing the freedom to really express through the aesthetic of the motorcycle.

Because Giotto is an entirely original motorcycle, it can’t be compared to other custom cruisers or choppers. This couldn’t be further from your run of the mill “hack ‘n weld” build, or “bolt-on” kit that attempts to make your bike feel more like how you think it should be. Giotto is the whole nine yards, the motorcycle you’ve been looking for, just the way you pictured it, built from the ground-up with meticulous care and attention using only the finest quality materials and components.

Leaders in Design Excellence

Utilizing a futuristic array of state-of-the-art machinery, from 3D scanners to 5-axis CNC milling machines, the team at Box39 are able to create pretty much anything that can be dreamed. With a wealth of knowledge and experience using these manufacturing processes, each part that is made for Giotto is flawless and visually stunning. Rigorous time in research and development ensures every aspect of each component, from ergonomics to safety, is met with the highest possible standard. Aside from the improved functionality and usability of each custom part, the advanced machinery Box39 use to their strengths also mean the team are able to execute design elements in a style that would otherwise be impossible using traditional techniques.

Striking Beauty
From the mighty 21-inch front wheel, across the aggressive lines of the body, all the way to the beautifully tidy posterior of Giotto, there’s no mistaking this motorcycle for any other on the street or at the track.

For Box39, it had to be all or nothing with Giotto, there would be no half-measures and no corners cut when it comes to executing their vision, and yet with Giotto, Box39 have excelled where many others fall short, the result is a motorcycle that is balanced while remaining versatile.

Observant eyes will notice even the smallest parts that are often considered insignificant have been exquisitely reworked from the original – from the hand controls, to the single-sided winging arm, no stone has been left unturned in the design process, and it shows.

Remaining true to the initial concept sketches, the team’s vision was to create a set of beautiful lines that work in harmony with the new geometry of the motorcycle that aims to address some of the handling issues found in the HD Night Rod.

Many days spent at the drawing board, trying to solve some of the design challenges that ultimately present themselves hen such an impressive feat of engineering is attempted have thankfully paid off.

A 90-day process
From the moment an order is placed for a Giotto, the 90-day process begins. Because the requirements of each client are unique, each motorcycle is made to order, assembled in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

As exclusive as Giotto is, there’s still ample room for further personalization in order to build the motorcycle to your liking. From visual elements like the paint color and muffler style, to functional elements like the type of handlebars installed, each Giotto will be truly unique in its own right.

The final package is pieced together by a skilled technician who remains a pivotal part of the build process from start to finish, to ensure consistency and the highest attention to detail throughout.

With a limited production of only 39 Giotto’s for North and South America, 39 for Europe and 39 for Rest of the World respectively, time is running out to forge your very own Giotto, just the way you like it.


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