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Ducati XDiavel / S. Stage 1 - Wide Wheel Conversion Kit by Box39

The Ducati XDiavel is a sport cruiser motorcycle truly in a realm of its own. Dripping with sumptuous styling, a monstrous, torque-flaunting motor and the very latest technology from the boffins at Ducati, it seems unlikely that such a thrilling bike could get any better... that is, until you witness the exceptional works of Box39 and their new Stage 1 Wide Wheel Conversion Kit for the Ducati XDiavel.

Focusing on enhancing the elements of the Ducati that are responsible for its impressive performance, style and comfort on the road, this jaw-dropping range of parts perfectly complements the gorgeous aesthetic of the XDiavel and shows a different side to its personality.

The Wide Wheel Conversion Kit by Box39 consists of 7 exquisitely detailed custom parts. From the alloy swingarm machined from solid billet which firmly holds the mighty 10-inch wide carbon wheel, to the overhauled front end, now sporting beautifully sculpted yokes and sleek handlebars, each part of the kit has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured using materials specifically selected for each application, with machining processes that leave no room for error or imperfection.

Box39 Swingarm with Offset Kit

The standard swingarm of the XDiavel is beautiful in its own right, but it doesn’t allow much room for growth in the tire-width department.

Because size is everything, this redesigned swingarm features an offset that allows a 280 or 300 rear tire and the sublime 18-inch ‚ÄúCarbon Edition‚ÄĚ rear wheel to be used.

Clad with carbon protective guards that look fantastic and flow with the gorgeous lines of the swingarm, this conversion offers an impressive facelift to the XDiavel’s rear-end that aids in cornering stability and traction, while flaunting maximum style at all times.

‚ÄĘ Machined from T6 Grade 6061 alloy billet
‚ÄĘ Box39 carbon fiber mudguard and belt guide

Box39 Front End with Handlebar

Optimal control over the motorcycle in any situation is paramount to the safe and effective operation of a motorcycle on the road. To improve the responsiveness and stability of the XDiavel’s front end, Box39 beautifully machined aluminium yokes that allow an adjusted rake angle to be used, in conjunction with handlebars that grant you room for further

Styling is another aspect of the XDiavel that is greatly improved with the front-end conversion installed. Now, the streamlined profile of the yokes and handlebars marry with the existing headlight so well, anyone could be fooled into thinking the XDiavel rolled off of the showroom floor in such style.

The aesthetic of the custom handlebar is clean, elegant and strong, further emphasizing the brutish character of the XDiavel without any excess. So whether you seek a more aggressive or relaxed riding position from your XDiavel, this front end kit by Box39 addresses all your needs.

‚ÄĘ Box39 CNC-milled yokes
‚ÄĘ Box39 Custom Handlebar available in various forms

Box39 License Plate Holder with Motogadget LED Turn Signals

The rear quarter view of the XDiavel is perhaps its most flattering angle; curvaceous, futuristic and low-slung to the road, sure, the standard license plate holder works fine, but it doesn’t look or feel as well-finished as the rest of the motorcycle.

Incorporating miniature LED turn signals from Motogadget into the smooth design of the custom license plate holder is a clever way to keep fuss to a minimum where it counts.

The Motogadget LED turn signals pack a surprising punch when operated, and can be seen clearly from great distances whether day or night, just as you’d expect from such a high-quality manufactured product. By keeping the license plate mounted centrally, Box39 ensures there are no issues with balance.

‚ÄĘ Machined from T6 Grade 6061 alloy billet
‚ÄĘ Integrated Motogadget LED Turn Signals

Foot Control Offset Kit

Ducati really broke the mold with the XDiavel, somehow managing to combine elements of cruiser, sports and super-naked characteristics all into one package, and it works phenomenally well. Still, one could argue that the XDiavel still leans more towards comfortable, relaxed riding than it does to riding aggressively.

To give you greater freedom over how you ride your XDiavel, Box39 have developed an ergonomic foot control kit that allows adjustability in both directions, meaning you can move the foot controls further forward for increased comfort, or alternatively move them rearward for a more focused, upright riding position.

‚ÄĘ Adjustable foot position (up to 15cm)
‚ÄĘ CNC-milled from high strength aluminium alloy

Box39 Front Wheel 18x3 "Carbon Edition"

The ‚ÄúCarbon Edition‚ÄĚ front wheel by Box39 is an absolute work of art, blending jet black spokes, embellished aerodynamic slots on the rim face and a rich carbon weave throughout to create a timeless look that suits the XDiavel down to a tee.

Lightweight, beautiful and capable of hosting 130/60/18‚ÄĚ sticky rubber up-front for
maximum road-holding, the ‚ÄúCarbon Edition‚ÄĚ wheels are the cherry on the icing for this conversion kit by Box39.

‚ÄĘ Aerodynamic slotting
‚ÄĘ Custom 3D-Printed Carbon Fiber profile

Box39 Rear Wheel 18x10 "Carbon Edition"

Now for the reason you‚Äôre here, the centerfold of the whole arrangement, a rear wheel setup like no other out there for the Ducati XDiavel, the mind-blowing 18x10‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúCarbon Edition‚ÄĚ rear wheel.

This elegantly constructed carbon wheel is a whopping 10 inches wide, with an intricate 7-spoke pattern that fuses classic design cues with the exceptional properties of carbon fiber, a material seldom seen on street bikes in such generous quantities.

‚ÄĘ Aerodynamic slotting
‚ÄĘ Custom 3D-Printed Carbon Fiber profile

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